Assignment #10

In Episode 3 The Bombof the optional video The Untold History of the United States, this documentary goes into detail about the bombing that took place on Japan during World War II. It has an interesting perspective however, because it takes on a different view as compared to the mainstream telling of history. The version that I’m used to hearing glorifies the bombing as if it was something necessary and needed to happen. I have never agreed that this bomb was a good solution to ending the war and after watching this documentary it made me even more ashamed to be from a country that was a part of such a shameful and devastating act. This documentary gave insight into the strategies that went behind the bombing and rather than glorifying Americans and choices made by our government, it showed the true colors of people like President Truman and their dark side. It showed war for what it really is, not glamorized like we’re used to seeing in documentaries and movies. I believe that Americans are discouraged from questioning their own history because when you really think about it or watch videos such as this, it sheds light onto these people whom we call our government, who are supposed to be good people doing the right thing and making the right decisions with our well-being in mind. Instead, from this video I saw monsters who will go through extreme measures and put thousands of innocent lives on the line just for a bit of for power. When there is a version of history out there that sugar coats things and makes them seem nice, I believe that most people find more comfort in an image such as that, rather than for what something really is.


When reflecting on political sustainability prior to this class, I never really understood what that really meant. Now after understanding systems thinking, my views on what democracy currently is and what it should be are two different things. I believe that for a democracy to be sustainable, action and attention needs to start at the local level. Conditions of an environment can change sometimes very little or sometimes substantially, but nonetheless, are always different from place to place. That is why you can’t have a situation like what we have now, where there are a larger set of rules with a small group of people governing an entire nation and applying those rules onto the entire nation, treating it as if everything is the same. I believe that currently democracy is not modeled after nature. For that to happen, you must treat it as if it is a living organism. Current democracy is treated as if it is a machine that has inputs and outputs and a system that can be copied and applied to any other system. It’s tough too for citizens to become involved and understand issues, policies, and procedures because the jargon used to explain these things isn’t something put in context for the layman to understand. That is why it is up to us the people, to stay informed, get involved, and take action; because if we don’t then no one else will.

2 thoughts on “Assignment #10

  1. I agree that the system we have now where a small group of people make the rules for the entire nation is unsustainable. That small group has the money power to serve their best interests, but the interests of the rich and powerful are so different from the rest of the nation’s interests. We definitely do not live in a democratic society, but I wonder if we can mobilize enough of the populous to get politicians to make rules that satisfy the majority’s interests. I wonder to what extent we’ll have to mobilize the public for the majority’s interests to outweigh the minority’s money.


  2. I think that we are just fed information as we grew up. We had years and years of history textbooks given to us seeing their views of what is right and wrong and putting that into the books we read. We have been given information that we already perceive as truth and what is right.


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